Performance Enhancement

Porsche 997 - Brake Bells

The need for this product came about because of our extensive use of similar models on our race car.  We decided to re-engineer them to be more durable to ensure that they would last through the 24 hour race. We did this by altering the coating and increased the critical land areas whilst in the pursuit of durability to the minor cost of performance.

Aston Martin Vanquish Road Car - Two Piece Brake Disc

One of our customers came to us with the issue of short service intervals on his Aston Martin Vanquish front disc brakes. The standard brakes were both expensive and had a short working life span. We used our experience of the Aston Martin Vanquish GT2 race car brake system to design and model a brand new custom two-piece brake disc for the car, which is not only stronger and of higher quality, but also of lower cost and should outlast the car.  

Aston Martin Vanquish Road Car - Two Piece Brake Disc update

Having completed the prototype brake development we were asked to produce a second set of discs for an eagle eyed customer who spotted the story on this website. We worked with the customer to supply the discs in time for the cars next service interval. Both fitter and end client are suitably impressed with the quality.

SLM Titanium Exhaust Flange

This product was borne out of the desire for more performance in a production car class with tight regulations. The rules stipulated that no material could be added to the engine, but material could be taken away, except this rule excluded the exhaust and exhaust flange. We exploited this loophole to design an exhaust flange that protruded into the exhaust port, using CFD we optimised the design and employed Selective Laser Melting to manufacture the flange out of titanium.  

Dodge Viper - Master Cylinder With Brake Bias Adjustment

We were charged with designing and manufacturing a master cylinder arrangement that allowed brake bias adjustment to attach the standard pedal box. We came up with a number of concepts and proceeded down a proven route of a threaded bar to adjust the leverage provided by the brake pedal on each master cylinder. This system was then manufactured and tested in-house to be sure it provided a full range of adjustment.

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