Production and Conversion

Lola T380 Wheel Centres

For this project we were asked to manufacture 6 off wheel centres for a Lola T380. Basing our design on previous models, we were able to create a design that would be strong, durable and light enough to fulfil the purpose. Using our in house capabilities we designed and created a finished product from billet aluminium and delivered to the customer exactly what they wanted.

Cosworth DFV to Hewland Adapter Plate

A client came to us requiring an adapter plate to fit between a Cosworth DFV engine and a Hewland Gearbox. After doing some extensive research we found that there were only a few adapter plates available , and even less information on the successful arrangement of the holes that in some places would overlap. Using drawings and working with the client we managed to create a hole arrangement that would fit between both the engine and the gearbox.

Arrows F1 Front upright repair

A client came to us with a badly damaged front upright from his early eighties Arrows A6 Formula One. Using our knowledge and experience of historic Formula One cars, we set about repairing the damage in a way that would retain the original appearance of the car. The upright was glass-bead blasted, magnesium welded and machined; then finally, steel bearings and studs were designed, manufactured and fitted to the upright. To ensure that the restoration process would be succesful, the finished casting was subject to non-destructive testing procedures to guarantee structural integrity, before undergoing a Black Chromate process to an Aircraft specification. The entire process was done in-house and completed in less than five days.

Straigh Six Triumph Water system enhancement

We received a sample steel thermostat outlet for a 6 cylinder Triumph TR6. We replicated the piece in aluminium and in doing so; saved over half the weight and incorporated more efficient internal flow characteristics in the design. A customer who wished to race his historic car, wanted to have the unnecessary weight and the inefficient standard water pump removed. By using a much lighter and more efficient electrical item, it has both saved weight and increased engine performance.

Caterham 7 - Dry Sump Oil Tank Conversion

For this project we were asked to design, make and fit a dry sump oil tank to a Caterham 7, the main advantage being to prevent oil starvation at high corner loads. The process involved identifying possible locations for the new oil tank as well as the associated pumps and analysis on the required oil capacity for the new system. This was then created into a CAD model which allowed drawings to be easily produced for manufacture.

Porsche 911SC 1972 - Steering Rack Refurbishment

A customer came to us with the the painful thoughts of having to completely replace the steering rack of his 1972 Porsche 911SC at the cost of in excess of €1400. Instead of taking the easy route we sourced or manufactured the parts to completely refurbish the steering rack, including all new bushes, bearings and seals. The total cost for this including fitting was less than £400, a saving of nearly 70% over a new rack.

Ford Mustang - Uprated Hubs

The Ford Mustang, being a heavy car with plenty of power, needs powerful brakes, which is exactly the route one of our customers went when they wanted to improve their mustang. After installing the new uprated brakes it was obvious there was a problem with the handling, closer inspection revealed that the standard hubs were too weak for the new brakes and therefore vibrated when the brakes were heavily applied. To remedy this problem we designed a stiffer and stronger hub in SolidWorks and used finite element analysis to be sure the new hub could withstand the immense loading the new brakes applied. Once finalised we produced the new hubs in-house eliminating any waiting so the customer could get out and enjoy his new braking system.

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